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Embedded Linux for Serious Products

Welcome to the home of the OE-lite project


OE-lite Linux is an embedded Linux system build framework, comparable to Yocto, OpenEmbedded, buildroot, PTXdist, LTIB, and so on.

With OE-lite Linux, you will be able to specify and build your own custom embedded Linux distribution, for your custom embedded hardware platform, including both target software and SDK toolchains for Linux and Windows (MinGW).

OE-lite Linux is specifically targeted towards what can be called industrial embedded Linux systems, where customization and very specific requirements are more common than just needing a random blob of standard software packages, and where development and maintenance effort is critical.

The design goal for OE-lite Linux is to make a framework that is at least as powerful as OpenEmbedded for building industrial embedded Linux systems, and easier and faster to work with, and finally to make it feasible to actively maintain such systems for a very long time (+10 years).

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